For as long as I can remember I have been aware of the spaces I inhabit and how they make me feel. It has shaped my belief that architecture has a significant impact on our lives, from our everyday routines to the functioning of communities and the creation of places. Therefore, across what I do I hope to activate spatial thinking and awareness and to promote buildings that make a positive, generous contribution to the environments in which we live.In my role as Head of Architecture and curator at the Royal Academy, I have the pleasure of overseeing a portfolio of activities from exhibitions, awards, and event programming that interrogates architecture’s interrelationship with culture and society. With an interested in how we animate spaces, I also get involved in creative programming such as arts festivals and in commissioning artists and architects to make interventions in the public realm.

For me physical presence is vital to a full engagement with our surroundings. I follow and support some dancers and choreographers, fascinated by what they can reveal about how we experience the world through our bodies and create connections to other people.

I have created this website to corral ideas, interests and projects together in one place, to see links between them and to encourage new thoughts and actions.