‘Architecture of the Domestic’ for Make Place, Salford Museum and Art Gallery (2016)

Make Place is a talks programme exploring domestic space and identity at Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Featuring renowned academics and artists from across the UK, the programme will contextualise Mark Devereux Projects represented artist Sophie Lee’s own artistic research into domesticity, which has included visiting the Gvendareyjar islands in Iceland to studying Salford Museum and Art Gallery’s extensive collection of nineteenth-century household objects, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Kate Goodwin, Head of Architecture, Royal Academy, London, considers how bricks and mortar, coupled with our desire to forge safe domestic environments, influences the way we live; Gill Perry, Professor of Art History, Open University, addresses the sociological and psychological impact the of domestic environment upon our everyday lives; Artist Becky Beasley will discuss her practice and relationship to notions of feminism within the domestic environment; and Edward Hollis, Director of Research, Edinburgh College of Art, will unpick the minor rituals and routines that allow us to constantly remake the home.